6 Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

Kitchen good ideas

When it comes to home renovations, kitchens can add the most value to your property. Although a complete kitchen renovation can cost an arm and a leg, there are plenty of ways to transform this space without breaking the bank. Here are some kitchen ideas on a budget that you can start implementing today.


Revitalize Your Space with a New Coat of Paint

The simplest and easiest way to update the look of your kitchen is with new paint. This goes beyond just painting your walls. You can completely transform your kitchen by also painting your cabinets or furniture.

Before you decide to paint your kitchen, come up with a plan for your new space. What theme or look are you going for? This will help you find appropriate colors for your space. A bright accent wall can also revitalize your kitchen and give it new life.

Use a semi-gloss paint for your walls and any furniture that you plan on painting. To paint your cabinets, start with a de-glossing primer to eliminate the need for sanding. Just remember to remove the doors, handles and hinges before you start painting.


Give Your Cabinets a Facelift

Replacing the cabinets in your kitchen can be very expensive, even if your space is small. If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply reface your cabinet doors to give your kitchen a whole new look. Here are some tips:

  • Cabinets with recessed panel doors can have the centers removed and replaced with stained, textured or etched glass. Cabinets can also be repainted, or you can add molding to create a Shaker style look.
  • Even something as simple as replacing your cabinet’s hardware can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s appearance. If you plan on using the same holes, make sure that you bring the original hardware with you for reference.
  • To really transform your cabinets, remove the doors and opt for cabinets with open shelving. This creates a contemporary, open look. Open cabinets work wonderfully in small spaces as it creates the illusion of depth.

Focus on the Backsplash

The backsplash in your kitchen adds personality and style to your space. Get creative with unique backsplash ideas to really transform your kitchen. Mirrors, wainscoting, framed prints and photos are all great ideas. Even just a fresh coat of colored paint can really make your kitchen pop. Opt for DIY options that can save your budget. Even tiling can be applied yourself with a little time and patience.


Install an Unconventional Island

Kitchen islands are great multipurpose work centers, but you can enjoy many of the same benefits that islands have to offer on a smaller scale and without breaking the bank. Convert an old dresser or table into an island. Add a new countertop, new hardware, a shelf and cup hooks for added storage. Not only will you have additional workspace, but you’ll also have freestanding storage in your kitchen.


Revitalize Your Pantry

A well-organized kitchen is more pleasant and welcoming, and your pantry can help you keep things organized. Add in shelving and a fresh coat of paint to keep your pantry tidy. Take things a step further by storing bulk items, like cereals, spices and flours, in a matching containers with labels. This will create a uniform look that makes the space feel open, organized and clutter-free.


Transform Your Floors

Do you love the look of a hardwood floor, but don’t have the budget to install one? Chances are, the original flooring in your home is still in good shape and hiding underneath the flooring you have now. Be patient with this idea as you may have to remove several layers of old flooring before you find the original hardwood. From here, you can resurface and refinish the flooring to give it a whole new look. Add a carpet too if needed.