Coffee, Tea

Coffee, Tea

Is tea the new coffee? Based on the current state of tea consumption in the U.S., it could be well on its way. In the United States, alone, tea sales are steadily trumping coffee sales with more Americans opting to sip rooibos, oolong and other leafy blends, according to the Tea Association of the U.S.A. Today, the United States is the second largest consumer of tea following Russia. (Yes, we drink more tea than they do in most of Europe!)

​In 2014, Americans consumed more than 80 billion servings of tea amounting to $10.8 billion in sales. To capture the Millennial drinkers, stock more tea, since 87 percent of this demo prefers it over a coffee caffeine fix.

​With all of this attention on tea, consider the gift appeal of this universal beverage in all of its many blends. The versatility of tea, too, has inspired creative packaging as well. For the gift retailer, tea packaging can catch the eye of the shopper and inspire gift ideas. And as tea is a consumable, carrying a variety can bring shoppers back time and again to replenish stock of their favorites.

​Americans Still Love Their Coffee

Even though more Americans are steeping tea, coffee has not been dethroned. In 2015, specialty coffee sales were expected to increase by 20 percent, accounting for nearly eight percent of the $18 billion U.S. coffee market.

​The average coffee consumption in the United States is 3.1 cups of coffee per day, and 50 percent of the population, equivalent to 150 million. Americans also look for more fair trade and specialty blends when shopping, according to the National Coffee Association.

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