I love coffee

Why people love coffee so much – best thing about coffee.

​Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and that’s why coffee lovers religiously consume several cups every day. This common drink is popular at work places, in homes, restaurants and even more ideal for people who work night shifts. For people who truly love coffee, a no coffee day is automatically a bad day. Everyone needs a cup of coffee for that extra boost to overcome a stressful day.

​People who love coffee simply can’t get enough of because:

​Smell of coffee melts stress away.

​Stress caused by lack of sleep or fatigue can easily be eliminated by coffee. Coffee has a very sweet and strong aroma that goes to the brain cells refreshing them and melting all the stress away. This is why people who work night shifts take coffee to take them through the night.

​Fighting hangover.

​People take coffee after a night out taking alcohol because this helps in getting rid of hangover. This helps the body to get refreshed and it is also good for your liver.

​Boosts energy levels.

​After a long day of work, most people take coffee to restore their energy levels. The caffeine present in coffee is responsible for working this magic. Caffeine goes to the blood stream and brain restoring energy levels.

​Deals with depression.

​People who take coffee more often are less likely to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Coffee has antioxidants properties and this is why people who feel stressed take coffee to lift their moods.

​Makes you more intelligent.

​Coffee is important in the functioning of the brain. Coffee has important neurons and transmitters that are important in improving memory. People who take coffee more often are likely to be intelligent and have a strong memory.

​Packed with essential nutrients.

​We can confidently say that coffee is a nutritious drink filled with important minerals and vitamins. For instance, coffee contains B2, B5 and minerals like manganese and potassium.

​Reduces the risk of heart disease.

​People who take coffee lower the rate of heart disease by up to 20%. This is also the same case as reducing the rate of stroke especially for women. Although coffee is said to increase blood pressure the risk is quite low and insignificant.

​Helpful in burning body fat.

​Coffee is widely known for its metabolism properties. It boosts rate of metabolism and this may be helpful for people who want to lose weight. Improved metabolism fastens breaking down of fat.