What are the ingredients for a good coffee?

There are many coffee enthusiasts in the world and the U.S. certainly has its fair share. According to estimates, Americans drink nearly 400 million cups of coffee on average per year. What determines a good coffee? Ask a dozen people and you will probably get a dozen different answers. Some people prefer a smooth and mellow cup of coffee, others prefer a dark and strong brew.

​One of the most common answers however is to use fresh beans. Many coffee enthusiasts buy their beans whole and grind them at home. This way they will have the freshest taste for their coffee. In terms of beans you get what you pay for. One can get whole beans at their local supermarket but to get a really quality taste to coffee many enthusiasts go beyond supermarket fare and order their beans online from known coffee suppliers. There are many varieties online from dark to light to medium blends. You can choose what you like best.

​You will want to use a decent coffeemaker or espresso maker to brew the best coffee once you have located the proper fresh bean selection. You should use a drip coffeemaker or espresso machine if one is available. Many of these make an excellent cup of coffee. Also, if using a standard coffee maker try gold filters when brewing, and use only filtered water. You should brew the coffee at least 4 to 6 minutes for maximum taste, and drink it fresh, if it all possible. Some individuals enjoy using a French Press machine, or a single cone cup coffee maker to get great taste. remember the enemies of freshness are oxygen, heat and time. Reseal your container, and keep it away from heat sources. You want the best coffee taste possible, and your beans should taste fresh, not like the bag.

​Try a thermal brewer that will keep the coffee fresh without burning it. To make the best coffee one should try to get the best brewing machine they can afford. There are several premium brewing machines in the 100 to 300 dollar price machines.

​Some coffee enthusiasts actually purchase espresso machines to get that premium coffee taste. Espresso machines have some key advantages to standard coffee makers. One of their main advantages is the fact they allow you to control the brewing process, and let you prepare the coffee in the way you desire. They not need be expensive some of these machines are as little 25.00.

​These machines are also convenient. You don’t have to trot off to Starbucks to get a premium cup of coffee. Your espresso maker can do it for you. Another advantage with these machines is that they offer control over the beverage process. Brew your coffee for as long or as little as you like. Customize your coffee it as you see fit.

​You can purchase exotic beans and experiment with them. Brands from Africa, Hawaii, and Costa Rica are all within your perogative when using your espresso maker. You can take your machine with you on your travels, and have great coffee anywhere you go. Use the freshest coffee beans and powders available for the best coffee experience.