How to Make Coffee – 7 Top Methods of Brewing Coffee

If you happen to be the kind of person who takes their coffee drinking very seriously, then you’ll be well aware that there are various brewing methods that you can try. Using different brewing techniques allows you to sample the many flavors of coffee bean from all over the world. If you’ve only ever tried instant coffee, you may have a set idea about what coffee tastes like, and this couldn’t be more wrong. Here are a few ways how to make coffee that you might like to try out.

​Pulverized Coffee

​This method is still popular in the Middle East because it produces such a unique taste. The coffee is pulverized so that it turns into a fine powder and it’s then placed in a container with water. This container is known as an Ibrik. You can add sugar if preferred and you should bring this infusion to the boil 3 times, remembering to remove the Ibrik from the heat once froth appears. Once the coffee grounds have settled in the bottom of the container you can serve the coffee in small cups and add foam. This old fashioned method is simplistic yet it makes mouth watering coffee.

​Percolated Coffee

​This type of brewing relies on steam pressure which forces the water right through the coffee grounds. This process removes any bitter flavor to make the coffee more palatable. Some conventional methods of brewing coffee allow the water to be kept below boiling point, and this can compromise the flavor. However, percolated coffee keeps the infusion red hot so that it doesn’t lose any of its taste. This brewing method is still extremely popular in the USA especially amongst older people.

​Regular Drip

​If you’re interested in how to make coffee using a coffee maker, here’s a simple method for you.The water is kept at 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and is slowly poured through the coffee grounds once. The grounds are stored in a filter which can vary depending on the model of coffee maker. This easy way of making coffee produces smooth, full flavored roast coffee. You should aim to add one scoop of coffee for every cup that you wish to brew.

​How to make coffee using a French Press or Cafiterre

​You will need 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water that you use. You simply add hot water to the grounds and lightly stir then wait for 3 minutes. The grounds will automatically sink to the bottom of the coffee pot and you will see foam rising to the top due to the Carbon Dioxide escaping from the grounds. At this point you need to add more hot water, wait a few minutes then use the plunger to press down to the bottom of the beaker, and voila, your French press has provided you with a dense, rich brew.

​Espresso Method

​You can either use a stove top Espresso or a more professional espresso machine. If you’re using a stove version then you need to bring water to the boil in a tank nearby. This water is then forced via steam pressure through a layer of finely packed coffee. You know that it’s ready to drink when the liquid stops spurting noisily through the steam.

​Aluminium or plastic are the preferred materials for professional espresso makers, as its thought that stainless steel can give the coffee a metallic taste. Again, hot water is pushed through the grounds directly into a cup by using either the pressure of steam or a piston. You need to ensure that the grind pressure is combined correctly so that brewing time takes no longer than around 25 seconds. A successful espresso should be rich in texture and have a covering of golden foam which is known as crema.

​Cupping your coffee

​This is the equivalent of wine tasting but using coffee beans instead. If you’re a coffee nerd then this type of activity would be right up your street. A true professional would rest the beans for 2 days then grind to a coarse texture and place in a bowl. Water that is nearly boiling is then poured over this and is allowed to infuse for a few minutes. Stir gently and allow grounds to settle in the bottom. The idea is that you now sample the coffee by using a spoon to inhale the aroma, and draw the coffee to the roof of the mouth so that it tickles your tongue. This will create a vapour which helps to stimulate your taste buds. You can try rolling the coffee around your mouth to see if you can detect notes of nuttiness, sharpness etc, and you should be able to decipher different depths of flavor such as chocolate or honey. Cupping is a brewing method which is used by manufactures of coffee to ensure that different beans can be blended successfully together. If you want to learn how to make coffee like a professional, why not give the cupping method a try.

​Camping Stove Coffee

​Many hikers, campers and mountaineers use a French press when living in the great outdoors but there’s another way to make lovely fresh coffee. You would use a glass bottle called a Chemex which has a conically shaped neck where thick filters are placed with the coffee. You simply pour hot water over the grounds and the coffee will drip into the glass chamber. This is a convenient yet sophisticated way to brew your favorite drink when outside.

​Learning how to make coffee is something that you may never think you’ve mastered. Wherever you go in the world, you’ll probably find another new coffee brewing method to add to your repertoire. You may even discover coffee flavors that you never knew existed.