Restaurant Snack Bar Recipe

Restaurant, Bar

Do you dream about opening your own restaurant? Do you have a plethora of ideas running through your mind but just not sure what to go with? Well, we love coming up with restaurant themes and in the creations of fun menus/dishes that we would have in our own restaurant.

​What you want to do is come up with your particular restaurant concept. Have fun doing it too and put fun recipes on the menu. Maybe you can go with a sort of Japanese-Asian influenced snack bar, with lots of exciting drinking snacks, sort of like an izakaya. I mean, don’t you just love the idea of names that proclaim what they are? Simple and plain but it is what it is! Snack Bar.

​Of course, your great restaurant needs a signature dish so if you’re going with a snack bar type of restaurant, let’s talk about the Potato Snack!

​The Potato Snack is a 64° sous vide egg on top of the silkiest, butteriest (is that a word lol) mashed potatoes, served with grilled sourdough toast, yummy. It’s a combination of all the things most people love: potatoes, eggs, and toast. I think everyone loves the texture when eating mashed potatoes with beautiful tasty soft eggs on crunchy toast!

​Well, since this might be a signature restaurant dish, we need to differ up the cooking methods, wouldn’t you say…

​So, let’s go with a sous vide egg, Instead of a regular boiled egg, which is basically the most perfect poached egg you’ll ever eat. Then we will have the mashed potatoes as well…

​So, here’s what you do, sous vide your potatoes at 72°C, which locks in the starches which ensures the potatoes will be smooth, not gummy. What happens is that the starch in the potatoes gelatinizes and the granules that contain the starch also firm up. This makes is much harder to rupture and gum up during the mashing time.

​Now, after the sous vide, the potatoes are finished cooking in regular boiling water. Place them through a ricer and fold them with butter and milk that’s been steeped with potatoes skins for some extra potato-y flavours, yum yum. Yes, I know this is a long process but completely worth it when you taste the end dish. This will definitely be your signature dish material.

​So, when in need of a great recipe, think of just the simple signature dish that you want your particular party, dinner date, or perhaps a new restaurant to be after. Remember cooking that is done with love is the best cooking of all. Well, make sure you know what you’re doing also! The best memories are usually over eating at the table with family, special luncheons, beautiful dinner parties that involve co-workers and even your boss. So, cook with love and eat with love!

​Believe me, when you use your own special recipes with love, that’s what most people love, home-cooking at its best. Signature recipes will always be remembered by all.