The Social Function of a Cafe

cafe and society

The existence of cafes all over the world is something that cannot be debated. Cafes have been in existence as a staple of the society from time immemorial with their contributions and impacts in the society so enormous to be ignored. Patrons have made it a normal routine to frequent their local coffee cafes not just to take coffee, tea or whatever it is that is served, but also to catch up with friends, as well as cut business deals. In this regard, cafes offers a stimulating environment for meeting, creativity, mediation, relaxing, cutting business deals and catching up with friends. Therefore, a brief exploration of the cafes offers incisive information on the social function of a cafe.

The success of cafes throughout the world over many centuries is based on the profound social and cultural functions of these cafes. During the early centuries, many cafes began as a place where intellectuals and other members of the community would gather to elaborately discuss matters that would enhance the social well-being of the community. In the modern world, one of the main social importance of cafes is to enhance social well-being as it is a place where friends often meet after long days to catch up on their daily events, as well as seek inspiration and advice from one another. The social sides of modern cafes such as the worldwide Starbucks are clearly evident from the onset. As you enter any Starbucks cafe, you will; be greeted warmly by the employees and be engaged in a warm conversation just to tune you to the cafe’s social and cultural experience.

Considering that many cafes or coffee shops would not be successful without meeting the needs of their customers, one of the main social needs that these customers look forward to are more than just a nice cup of coffee. Many customers emphasize on having a good experience at the cafes rather than a superb coffee. This is not to say that customers are not concerned with the quality of drinks served at the cafes, but to put emphasis on the fact that comfort is paramount at the cafes. Many customers would prefer a comfortable cafe with nice lounges, chairs and a bit of personal space just to enhance their social side of life in terms of relaxing with friends, meditating and socializing.

There is no doubt that this salient place called cafe has been instrumental to the social side of life for many centuries. Having a place where you can seat down with friends after a day’s work and catch up on various event is the main function of cafes. Therefore, meeting and socializing, as well as having that personal time is enabled by the presence of cafes all over the world.​