Kitchen Grater


How often do you use a grater in the kitchen? That would probably depend on how often you use cheese in your cooking. For most individuals, a cheese or kitchen grater is a vital kitchen utensil that they use quite often.

For a utensil that is used as much as a grater is used in most kitchens, it is surprising that most people only own one. Did you know that there are different graters that are ideal for different substances and different situations? Here are some of the more common kitchen graters you should consider when shopping around.

Electric Grater

The electric grater is the most efficient of all kitchen graters. These devices will have no problem slicing through any cheese or vegetable, and are very reliable. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can come standard or cordless (battery powered).

​Battery powered cheese graters are generally used in fast paced restaurants where endlessly grating cheese can become tiresome. Most electric graters come with several settings to help you achieve the grate you are looking for easily. Most electric graters have a plastic handle with a stainless steel blade.

Cowbell Grater

The cowbell grater is the most recognizable design of cheese grater. Also known as the box grater, this grater was found in most American homes for the last 50 years. Each side of this grater dons a different blade style that allows you to grate your cheese several different ways with the same device.

​The arrangements differ in width, length and shape. This grater can handle all of your grating needs, from long cheese strips to the finest of spices. While grating with a cowbell grater, all of the grated material will fall into the middle of the grater, which you will collect when you are finished.

Flat Faced Cheese Grater

The flat faced cheese grater is usually about a foot long, and six inches wide. This grater has two different sides that usually offer you two different types of grates. On either side of the flat faced cheese grater (also known as the mandolin grater) you will find two handles which are provided to help you stabilize the device while you are grating your cheese.

When grating, you grab one end of the cheese grater, and press the other end into the surface that you are cutting over. With your free hand, you run the cheese along the kitchen grater. Many people find these to be slightly dangerous, as one slip would send your hand flying into the grater. In addition to these flat faced graters, there are also a separate kind of specialized parmesan cheese graters.

Knife Style Grater

The knife style grater is aptly named because it is shaped just like a knife. There is a handle, with a blade that extends as far as ten inches away from the handle. These graters are great when you do not have all that much cheese that you need grated.

You place the cheese down on the surface that you are cutting on, and run the grater’s blade over the cheese. One complaint often issued about these kitchen graters is that cheese can get caught on the blade and hinder further grating.

Good luck shopping for the specific kitchen grater that meets your needs!

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