Parmesan Grater


Who said that kitchen tools couldn't be fun? If you've never had the pleasure of grating fresh Parmesan cheese over soups, salads, and the classic pasta dish, you're definitely missing out on the fun. A good Parmesan grater is an essential tool for any kitchen as it makes the grating process much easier.

​While some cooks tend to use an all-purpose cheese grater, they miss out on the fine, fancy shavings that a dedicated Parmesan cheese grater brings to the table. If you're shopping for your next Parmesan grater or just want to join in on the culinary fun, there's a few things you need to keep in mind.

​First, you want to think about size. This is a factor that has a lot of hidden considerations to think about. The first is naturally the size of the parmesan cheese grater itself. You want to find a grater that will fit comfortably in your hands without being awkward.

​The other main consideration to think about with respect to size is the fact that the grater will need to be stored in the kitchen with all of your other kitchen tools and gadgets. Therefore, it's important to make sure that your new grater's design will allow it to seamlessly blend into your kitchen without much fuss.

A guide to Parmesan graters is not complete without a note about cleaning. Just like any other tool that has a metal edge to it, you want to be very careful not to leave it immersed in water or even let water cover it for long stretches of time at all. This is because you don't want to encourage the growth of rust on the bladed edges, and moisture is definitely a strong culprit in the rust process.

​Another consideration to keep in mind is the design; these graters are much different in design than the standard kitchen cheese grater. This was addressed somewhat in the section about parmesan cheese grater size, but the design also needs to cover ease of use. There's a few different designs to choose from in Parmesan graters.

​The most popular and most recommended is usually the twist or crank models that make having fresh Parmesan as simple as turning the unit slightly. There are even a few electric parmesan graters on the market these days. For people with hand problems, they may find that simply having an exposed metal surface without a crank is better for them, while others may prefer the crank.

​Kitchen tools and the preferences that go with them are often a matter of personal taste. If there's any risk of not being able to use the Parmesan cheese grater, it's best to look at reviews online from other people that have purchased the grater you've got your eye to to see if they had any challenges in using it.

​All things considered, a specialized parmesan cheese grater is definitely a smart purchase for anyone looking to have a tool that gives them that beautiful, fancy shredded look so highly prized on all the culinary cooking shows and even in magazines. While it's not a required kitchen tool, if you truly love good cuisine, a Parmesan grater will be a tool that you will rely on again and again.

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